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XFL Debut: NY/NJ Hitmen vs Las Vegas Outlaws with Bonus Coverage

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The XFL's opening game took place on February 3, 2001, one year after the concept of the league was announced, and immediately following the NFL's…

XFL Moments

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Highlights of the first (and only) season of the XFL in 2001.

Why XFL's Return Is Doomed To Fail

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Meet The Most CONTROVERSIAL Football League Ever

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The XFL was one of the most unique, interesting, and controversial football leagues that we have seen. This video takes a look at the rise…

What was the XFL?

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Did you know WWE launched a football league during The Attitude Era? From He Hate Me to the Million Dollar Championship Game, here's everything you…

The XFL | Wrestling With Wregret

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THIS ... IS THE XFL! As we approach the 16th anniversary of Vince McMahon's one-and-done football league, Brian Zane and the Know-It-All-Fan look back at…


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This Was The XFL - Behind The Titantron (Part 1) - Episode 28

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XFL Documentary Behind The Titantron Why Did the XFL Fail Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZh7pnW5jVk&feature=youtu.be More Episodes: ► Behind The Titantron Episodes (Wrestling Most Controversial): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMeSnscTzFClRzv3XEJIy0yj291s-Z6YP ►Many…


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XFL Million Dollar Game: San Francisco Demons vs LA Xtreme

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The Million Dollar Game was the XFL's championship game at the end of its only season in 2001. At first it had no special name,…

Episode 28: The XFL

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With the WWF enjoying it’s most profitable year to date, Vince McMahon rolled the dice with a monstrous undertaking with NBC known as the XFL.…

Jim Cornette on XFL Returning, WWF's New York Restaurant & Other Wastes of Money

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Jim reacts to the hot news that Vince McMahon is considering revisiting the all-time television disaster that was the XFL, the New York restaurant that…

The Very First XFL Scramble

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The XFL's quirky Scramble, which took the place of the coin toss to determine who would have first choice of possession. This was the very…

Worst Halftime Football Stunt in History

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Weeks 6 of the XFL featured the Las Vegas Outlaws and the undefeated Orlando Rage. By now the ratings were at single digits and it…

Vince McMahon looking to reboot XFL? | Golic and Wingo | ESPN

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Mike Golic and Trey Wingo speculate about Vince McMahon’s plans since selling $100 million of WWE shares and whether that means a reboot of the…

Vince McMahon to reboot the XFL and challenge the NFL

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Back in 2001 Vince McMahon started the XFL, a football league which lasted only 1 season. Now it appears he wants to try again. *Interact…

Vince McMahon - XFL debut promo

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