Top 10 Classes in Dark Souls

Top 10 Classes in Dark Souls

Top 10 Classes in Dark Souls - Video during: 00:20:38

The top ten classes in Dark Souls 1!

Is this the remaster?
No, this is the PC version with DSFix.

Why are the boss bars glitchy?
I'm using UI modification that has that side effect.

What's with the timer?
The footage was taken from my classy run streams. A classy run is where I clear the game using base gear as quickly as I can. I can level up, upgrade weapons and armor, and get new spells, but I can't change equipment or use major glitches or unintended routes. And then I do it with a timer to see how fast I can be with each playstyle. It's a ton of fun, and I'm thinking about uploading a run for YT to explain the challenge and show it off if people are interested.

A Top 10 video? REALLY?
Well, honestly it's half cheeky lampoon and half played straight. The video is more about discussing the different strengths and weaknesses of the classes that actually rating them, but I did give an honest shot at a thoughtful ranking. A friend of mine often tells me "Marcus, if you understand SEO and all that stuff and you don't use it to help people find your stuff, you're being dumb." So, what the heck. I hope people see the content for what it is rather than how it's formatted.

Who are the Windmills?
An awesome hiphop duo out of Cali and friends of mine. Check them out. I recommend "Bring out the Sun" and "Get Up" for Souls fans, and "Regular Handshake" and "True Natural" in general. My favorite track of theirs is probably "Graffiti in the Night," but I'm a fan of most of their stuff. It's a really nice coincidence that I like and respect them as people AND as artists, and I'm proud to support them and ask others to do the same. By the way, I made an error in the credits— their track "Music Makers and Dreamers of Dreams (instrumental)" is also in the vid!

Who is Cyangmou?
Cyangmou is an artist who specializes in pixel art. He has worked on games like Tower 57 (he did ALL the art for that) and the Mummy Demastered (backgrounds). He also makes all the emotes for my Twitch channel (some of which are shown in this video). His real name is Thomas, and he is another really good friend of mine. If you want to support Thomas and what he is doing, you can follow him on Twitter and/or purchase Tower 57. He also has another project coming soon, and it's wild as hell..... as you'd expect if you know Thomas. And I mean WILD...

What happened to Nier: For the Glory?
I'm reworking it as an edited series and including information from Japanese-only sources. It takes time, but hopefully it will be better than the playthrough concept, which didn't really seem to appeal to many folks.

Are you going to play the Remaster?

Are you going to make videos for it?

What kind of videos?
I'm planning to "remaster" my old content with the knowledge I've gained through the years plus the shiny new graphics of the remaster. Guide content and lore content, primarily. I have some other fun stuff planned as well.

How can I keep up with you, you nut?
Twitter is the best way. I stream almost daily on Twitch, as well. If you're only interested in edited content, subscribing here should do the trick.


Top 10 Classes in Dark Souls

Top 10 Classes in Dark Souls