Where Is The FISA Court Judge? , 2050

Where Is The FISA Court Judge? , 2050

Where Is The FISA Court Judge? , 2050 - Video during: 00:08:40

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Good evening, I’m still reporting on: Where Is The FISA Court Judge? , 2050

Synopsis: So now that this is all coming out - that this entire Mueller investigation and prosecution of but a handful of folks on shaky grounds were all caused by the FBI lying to the FISA Court judge - shouldn't that judge be pretty angry - unless, of course, he was part of the conspiracy?
Why hasn't he dragged everyone involved in getting - on four separate occasions - him or her to grant this sort of extraordinary wiretapping of a presidential candidate with the express purpose of helping his opponent win the election…. Why hasn't this judge dragged these seditious liars back into court to tell him why he was lied to, then summarily throw them in jail to stand trial?
That was the hot topic of a piece in The Hill by Fox contributor Monica Crowly:

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Where Is The FISA Court Judge? , 2050

Where Is The FISA Court Judge? , 2050